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All-Star Division & A Division

Please be advised that A Division is for Recreation Teams and weak Travel Ball Teams
(revised 08.24.08)


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The League Program will give the traditional league based teams in the country the opportunity to compete among teams of similar make up and strength.


A Division of the League Program: 

The A Division is a level for the actual "rec teams" to participate among themselves. This division has to follow all roster rules just like any AA, AAA or Major teams. There are not exceptions. These teams can also not have a player who has played AAA ball and an equal or higher level after Jan 1 of the current year regardless of whether the player was frozen to the AAA/Major team. They can also not have a player who has been frozen to a AAA team in the age group below them. Example 8A and 7AA is ok but 8A and 7AAA is not ok if the player was frozen to the 7AAA team.

To participate in the A program, your entire league must register with USSSA.

In order for a team to participate in the A state championship, they must meet the following criteria.

1. League is registered with USSSA.

2. Team is a rec team and meets all criteria to be A including our roster rules online at www.usssa.com .

3. Teams are verified by their league as being eligible to play A State.

Teams Participating in Weekend Tournaments in A classification:

Teams may participate in tournaments outside of league play. They will have to live with the results. If their results indicate that they are not A, they will be moved to AA. They will be allowed to finish league play but they will not be eligible for post season A play.   

Teams Participating in the A State Championship:

1. Can add up to three players to their roster. All adds must be approved by their league. Players must have played in their league (not in a neighboring city).

2. All teams that play in state are eligible to play in World Series.

Items that may make a roster ineligible for A State:

1. You cannot have any players who have been frozen to an AA or higher roster in the same age or older age.

2. You cannot have any players frozen or on current AAA roster in any age group older than your team or one age behind your team. AAA players are not rec players and should play with their AAA teams. The AAA team dropping the player will not make him eligible to play A ball.

3. You cannot add players from another city .


All Stars Program: 

All Stars and A are not the same thing. Please be aware of that. 

Players may play with an All-Star team and be on a AA, AAA or major team. Their tournament team classification will determine if they play National or American division All Stars. Age groups will include 4U-18U.

Qualifying for the All-Star Division

  • Teams will qualify through their approved League.
  • If their league is registered, the league can send multiple teams in each age group to all star state.
  • Only players from the same city can be on the all star team.
  • Any team playing in state will qualify for world. If the all star team has less than 3 AA players on it, they can play all star world. If they have more or have AAA or Major players, we will evaluate which world series they can attend.
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