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 Delays/Rain Outs 


a) If delays occur, then the tournament director will determine the best way to seed teams. Moving to a one day event is an acceptable adjustment for an event that is experiencing weather issues. 
b) In the event a tournament cannot be completed after it has started, place/points may be awarded based on games played.
c) Rain Out Policy - if a team has started their first game then there is a 40% refund. If the team has started their second game there is no refund. 

Please contact the director of the event to see if their rain out policy is different.
Team Withdrawing Policy
If a team backs out of an event after the brackets are published, there is no refund.
If a team backs out of an event after it is full and the director has cut off entries, the director may withhold a refund.

If a team backs out after the deadline/schedules are done in a free or discounted event, the director can require a normal entry fee up to $400 to be paid by the team for withdrawing after deadline/schedules.

Directors are allowed to have a different refund policy from this. You should verify with the event if they do.